Op een ander

In Op een ander, Karine Claassen visits ordinary people in unusual and hard-to-access communities. Those worlds seem far from our bed, but are often closer to us than we might imagine. Karine tries to explore, layer by layer, what drives certain Flemings and tries to get to the bottom of eclectic characters in her own way.

Op een ander

In this series of four episodes, Carine goes to the ultra-conservative priest-brotherhood Sint-Pius X. Three priests and a friar live together in the heart of Antwerp in a church that keeps growing, despite the traditional and conservative values and customs it stands for.

Karine also immerses herself in the wonderful virtual world of Second Life. The Mark Zuckerbergs of this world are spending billions on the metaverse, while the 20 year old Second Life still has its regular audience. Karine wonders who the people are who still spend hours a day here, and bumps into some surprises.

De Bereklauw is a commune near Leuven. It all seems very "kumbaya" at first, but gradually Karine discovers that the reality is less rosy. And finally, she lives to the beat of the Heppenheimer-Pauwels family, who form Circus Pipo. She discovers that the arrival of a new member exposes an generation gap.

VRT Canvas
April 23, 2024


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