Laurent: prins op overschot

Three in a row (Tic-Tac-Toe) for Borgerhoff & Lamberigts because after two successful series about the royal family in Belgium, a third is coming up about ‘De Prins op overschot’. The thematically structured four-part documentary series deals with the life of the most talked-about Coburgian of his generation.Born the maverick of the royal family, Laurent has already led a tumultuous life. In addition to being a loose cannon, Laurent is also an animal activist, an art lover and a philanthropist.The series highlights different aspects about Laurent's life. The series is not just limited to Laurent's story, but looks for similarities between Laurent and other members of the Coburg family and dynasty. Such as the rebellious Prince Regent Charles, the unhappy childhood of Albert I and the psychological problems of Empress Charlotte of Mexico (daughter of Leopold I). As such, the series goes beyond mere biography.

Laurent: prins op overschot

The series portrays Prince Laurent with respect, but does not shy away from anything. The series features 24 witnesses: close friends, acquaintances of the king, (former) politicians and journalists. There are both royalist witnesses and republican interviewees.


In 1991 the Salic law is abolished allowing women access to the throne, lowering Laurent's chances of becoming the heir to the throne. In the first episode, we investigate whether King Baudouin abolished that law because he knew better than anyone how unruly his nephew was. During the course of the series we see that Laurent becomes the most popular member of the family with a high star quality. He was the only one in his family who sought out the media. But that is short-lived.


We also get a glimpse into Laurent's love life and how certain figures played important roles in his life. Laurent is referred to in a slightly sarcastic way as ‘Monseigneur Woef’. He is an ecologist and sits for the good of the earth and animals. He has been president for institute ‘het KINT’ for 15 years. But his green image is not entirely fair either because Laurent likes to drive polluting cars and when he wants to start projects in Africa, he seeks contact with businessmen and political leaders with questionable image.

Jan Van den Berghe and Mario Danneels are the window narrators on duty. Ex-law street journalists Gui Polspoel and Luckas Vander Taelen take on the role of critical, republican columnists.


Intimi of Laurent are Professor of Canon Law Werner-Édouard de Saeger van Nattenhaesdonck, Renée Haferkamp who knew Laurent when he was an intern with Karel Van Miert at the European Commission, former classmate at Zevenkerken Dominique Desimpel and Laurent's host parents when he attended school at Pius X College in Wilrijk for three years. They speak for the first time on television about their bond with Laurent.

This production came into being with the support of Flanders Tax Shelter.

VRT Canvas
April 19, 2023


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