Maestro Degand

As a little boy, the actor dreamed of becoming a conductor. He stood for hours at a stretch on the coffee table, using a twig from the garden as a baton, conducting symphonies. Stefaan never became a conductor, but he still loves classical music dearly. For Stefaan, Johannes Brahms' Fourth Symphony is the most important composition of all. For almost forty years, this work has been his musical guide, his emotional beacon and of great comfort in his life.

Stefaan dreams of conducting Brahms' Fourth once: the entire 40-minute symphony by heart, with the 80-strong Belgian National Orchestra, at a sold-out Bozar. He now gets the chance to make that dream come true, but will he succeed in memorising the entire score? And will the orchestra's professional musicians accept his amateurish instructions? Can he handle the stress?

This production came into being with the support of Flanders Tax Shelter.

VRT Canvas
January 9, 2024


Maar hoe mooi en intrigerend de wereld van de klassieke muziek ook is, de schoonheid van Maestro Degand zit hem evenzeer in de scènes ertussen. De liefde waarmee zijn vader over hem spreekt, het samen garnalen pellen aan de eettafel, hoe hij boterhammen met choco smeert voor zijn dochter... Schoon.

Jan Debackere


Daarin zit de schoonheid van dit programma, in de gedachte dat het hogere toch bereikbaar is voor wie de lange, steile trap op durft.

Jasper Van Loy


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