Mij Overkomt Het Niet

Fatma Taspinar talks with six people who unintentionally caused an accident, and who have to go through life as perpetrators or 'culprits'. They feel responsible for what happened. How do they deal with this? Fatma talks to victims, next of kin, social workers, prosecutors, and judges about guilt and feeling responsible.

Mij Overkomt Het Niet

What if, from one day to the next, you have to go through life as an offender? Last year, this question in 'Mij overkomt het niet' (It won't happen to me) kept almost 900,000 viewers busy every week.

In the second season, Fatma Taspinar once again raises this question to six people who went to something similar. They unintentionally caused an accident and have to deal with the realization that they are (partly) responsible for someone else's death. Fatma also talks to family members, next of kin, judges, prosecutors, and social workers about guilt and (feelings of) responsibility. How does one live on after such a disruptive event?

VRT, één
January 8, 2018


Een hartverscheurend verhaal.

Het Laatste Nieuws

Een gegarandeerde stomp in de maag, waarbij ik me de hele tijd zit af vragen: hoeveel pech kan een mens hebben? Met wie moet ik nu het meest inzitten?

Robin Broos

Journalist voor De Morgen

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