Spice up your summer with: Zillion, the Lost tapes

June 17, 2023
Spice up your summer with: Zillion, the Lost tapes

Back in time: relive the glory years of Zillion with never-before-seen footage and unique testimonials. This docu-series tells the real story of Zillion by its main protagonists.

The brand new Streamz documentary series 'Zillion, the Lost tapes' interviews several witnesses closely involved in the operation of the legendary Zillion during its heyday between 1997 and 2002. Using never-before-told stories and images, the docu sheds a unique light on the most fascinating nightclub Belgium has ever known. The witnesses, including former employees and visitors, share their most personal memories of Zillion. They offer insight into the unique atmosphere and extraordinary character of this remarkable nightclub.

When nightclub Zillion opened its doors in Antwerp in 1997, no one could have suspected that barely four years later it would close for good. Nevertheless, in that short period of time, Zillion has managed to become the most mythical and most talked about nightlife venue in Flanders. A club unparalleled in terms of technology and experience. But the success also had a dark side. Using never-before-seen footage, photos and documents from Frank Verstraeten's private archive and unique testimonials from those who experienced it front row, this series tells the real story of Zillion.

Besides Frank Verstraeten, Dennis Black Magic (PR-Zillion) and Pat Krimson (Producer & DJ) are featured in the series. As well as VIP hosts, doormen, dancers and even Leona Detiège, former mayor of Antwerp, share their experiences at this high-profile club. Regulars Joyce De Troch and Tanja Dexters look back on those five golden years and even Axel Daeseleire emerges as a connoisseur of the Antwerp nightlife.

One of the most prominent characters in the series however is Frank Verstraeten, the flamboyant owner and self-made man behind Zillion. Verstraeten opens his soul and shares stories that paint a revealing picture of what went on behind the scenes of the nightclub. Frank doesn't mince words and discusses issues that were publicly unsaid at the time. To make the docu series as complete as possible, the creators also unearthed never-before-seen footage. This footage comes from Verstraeten's private archive, which has remained untouched all these years. In addition to exclusive video footage from screens in the nightclub at the time, footage was also found from the various security cameras installed throughout the club.

The series also features the original tapes of the infamous Zundays parties. Originally only a slightly erotically themed evening, soon degenerated into porn acts in the middle of the dance floor. In 2001, the VTM news show, Telefacts, made an undercover report on these acts, which left little to the imagination. In 'Zillion, the Lost tapes' the original tapes of these mythical Zundays are shown and played by none other than Frank Verstraeten himself.

The four-part series was created by Thomas Van Hemeledonck and Alidor El Benni. Thomas is a journalist, director and documentary filmmaker. He started his career in 1995 at the news service of VTM and between 1996 and 2004 worked mainly as a reporter at Telefacts. At the time, he was also involved in the reportage on Zundays. In addition to teaching at Thomas More Hogeschool, Alidor El Benni is also a freelance director and VJ. He has worked in the past for several TV programs: 'Telefacts,' 'Jambers,' 'Flanders Boulevard,' among others.

The documentary series 'Zillion, the Lost tapes' is a production of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts TV and offers an unparalleled opportunity to relive the story of Zillion. The series will be available in boxset exclusively at Streamz from July 19, 2023, the same day you can also watch 'Zillion' the film by Robin Pront on Streamz.

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