New true crime series 'Waar is Elke Wevers?' for Eén and VRT MAX

February 22, 2023
New true crime series 'Waar is Elke Wevers?' for Eén and VRT MAX

On the 9th of December 2010, the then 32 year-old Elke Wevers disappeared and their has been no sign of her since. Until today, her disappearance remains a mystery and keeps family and detectives in the dark.

In this four part true crime documentary, we try to uncover what really happened that faithful night between 9 and 10 December 2010. Thorough interviews with family, friends, police and all possible other concerned parties are conducted in a more than serene manner. Alternated with breathtaking esthetic shots of the different places where this case takes the viewer.

One of the key testimonials by Elke's father René, about what it's like to still have no clue after 12 years without his daughter, makes for an intense portrayal of the emotional aspect of such a cold case.

René Wevers: "You can't sleep anymore. You can't eat anymore. You can't think logically anymore. You're broken... I will stop looking for Elke the moment they carry me out of somewhere horizontally. Then it's over. Not sooner."

Elke disappeared in her hometown Neeroeteren. Different search parties through woods and alongside channels were undertaken throughout the area. The research took some surprising turns over the years and even takes the audience abroad: from Lapland (Sweden) to France. The story about the disappearance of Elke Wevers is a haunting one, with so much mystery surrounding every turn that one question only leads to an array of others.

During the course of the series, different possibilities from the past 12 years are explored and the viewer is introduced to basically almost every character in this baffling case. Chief among them are René Wevers (father), Nancy Vandebroek (journalist), Alain Remue (Federale Police), Jef Vermassen (counselor of the Wevers family), Dimitri Kun (Federal Police), Elke's co-worker Karolien, Cedric Stuyck (from the Prosecutor's Office) and Ben Zuidema (private detective). Everyone of those witnesses still hoping for answers in this unsolved disappearance.

Karolien (friend and colleague of Elke): "It's as if she disappeared from the face of the earth. Nothing, no clue. That can't be true though? How is it possible that no one knows anything?"

Available on Eén and VRT MAX from the 6th of March 2023 onwards. The episodes will air consecutively four nights in a row until the 9th of March and remain viewable afterwards online.

Every episode is concluded with an appeal by the Federal Police:
Do you have information regarding the disappearance of Elke Wevers? 
Contact the Federal Police on the free number 0800 30 300 or mail

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