'Dag Ma' takes home 'Best Belgian Documentary' at Docville 2023

April 6, 2023
'Dag Ma' takes home 'Best Belgian Documentary' at Docville 2023

After premiering during the opening weekend of Docville, 'Dag Ma' came, saw and conquered merely a few days later: taking home the award for 'Best Belgian Documentary' at Docville 2023 on the closing day of the festival.

The jury, in their own words, was sensitive for those films in which "authorship, public and social interest coincide with the art of visual storytelling". Their choice fell on this documentary because "it affects us all, showing a world we might prefer not to face."

Cutting right to the chase, here is an English translation of the rest of the jury's eulogy:

'Dag Ma' enters a particularly visually difficult terrority, but is portrayed with such love and ingenuity that it the leaves the viewer automatically entranced. The seemingly difficult to penetrate protagonists easily become, thanks to the perspective and aesthetic eye of the creators, people we start to love.

And it didn't stop there:

They thereby prove how important it is - even when we are in the autumn of our lives, or when we communicate differently - to receive full attention. This is why the award for best Belgian Documentary of Docville 2023 goes to Marie De Hert and Ellen Pollard.

Afterwards, the ladies from Poolhert Productions took to both stages respectively and received their more than deserved flowers and applause.
Borgerhoff & Lamberigts is very excited this documentary starts it (inter)national journey in such a convincing manner.

Soon on Canvas.
Watch the trailer here in the meantime:

The realisation of 'Dag Ma' would not have been possible without:

Yvette Verschoren, Irène Wuyts, Ilse Laplasse, An Wuyts, Jan Van Houdt, France Devos en Els Van Dijck. 

Written and directed by:
Ellen Pollard en Marie De Hert (Poolhert Productions)

Produced by
Isabelle Baele, Steven Borgerhoff en Ilse Schooneknaep

Aiko Devriendt

Sound design & mix
Gedeon Depauw

Chief sound
Sofie Deblieck

Kene Illegems

Graphic Design

With the support of

Coproduced with

This project came into being with the tax shelter measure of the Belgian government through Flanders Tax Shelter.