Come celebrate our 'Dag Ma' week with us

December 14, 2023
Come celebrate our 'Dag Ma' week with us

Exciting news for the last week of December this year: our 'Dag Ma' documentary - co-produced with Poolhert Productions - will finally conquer the silver and small screen. In this heartwarming movie, we follow the unique story of mother Irène and her daughter Yvette.

Irène (103) and Yvette (68) live together in Sint Jozef, a caring facility in Lier. Irène is a resident there because of her age. For Yvette however, they made an exception. She lives there because she can't live without her mom. Mother and daughter have never been a day apart in their lives...

A life that has been set in the facility for 20 years. After the premature passing of her husband and other daughter, Irène and Yvette have been closer than ever. Time in the caring facility ticks at a slow pace. Each day is a repetition of the last, every minute locked in a tight daily schedule. All seems well: mother and daughter live a easy life in proximity of each other. But Irène's fear of having to leave her daughter behind too, is always present. Even Yvette feels how her mother, anchor and rock is slowly slipping away.

'Dag Ma' took home the award for 'Best Belgian Documentary' at Docville 2023. The jury, in their own words, was sensitive for those films in which "authorship, public and social interest coincide with the art of visual storytelling". Their choice fell on this documentary because "it affects us all, showing a world we might prefer not to face."

Curious to find out more?

'Dag Ma' is screening on Tuesday 19/12 in De Studio Antwerp at 14:30h and in Studio Skoop Ghent at 20:00h that same day. Click the links for tickets.

The tv-premiere is scheduled for the next day: Wednesday 20/12 at 21:20h on VRT Canvas.