'Cel Vermiste Personen 2' and 'Laurent: prins op overschot' star in our VRT-succes-story

April 13, 2023
'Cel Vermiste Personen 2' and 'Laurent: prins op overschot' star in our VRT-succes-story

Borgerhoff & Lamberigts takes over VRT and launches two successful follow-up series. A new four-part documentary series, ‘Laurent: prins op overschot’, on prince Laurent examines the life of the most talked-about Coburgian of his generation. Fatma Taspinar also gets a unique behind-the-scenes look at ‘Cel Vermiste Personen' investigation service. After a first successful season, Fatma decided to tag along with other cases of Alain Remue's service. The serie still has a lot of layers we didn't discover in the first season.

Pure horror: a child, parent, partner or other loved one disappearing without a trace. Yet as many as 12.000 reports of missing persons come to the police every year, of which 1.200 are alarming. Fortunately, they are assisted by ‘Cel Vermiste Personen’. But who are the heroes in that cell and how do they actually find people? In the series, Fatma follows the work of detectives across the country.

How do they approach their investigations? What methods do they use, with which other services and institutions do they cooperate? What determines their chances of success? Which disappearances are solved and which cases remain unsolved years later? How do investigators themselves deal with emotionally demanding work?

Alain Remue: "If there's one thing you don't want to be in your life, it's being a parent of a missing child."

Three in a row (Tic-Tac-Toe) for Borgerhoff & Lamberigts because after two successful series about the royal family in Belgium, a third is coming up about ‘Laurent: prins op overschot’. The thematically structured four-part documentary series deals with the life of the most talked-about Coburgian of his generation.

Born the maverick of the royal family, Laurent has already led a tumultuous life. In addition to being a loose cannon, Laurent is also an animal activist, an art lover and a philanthropist.

Mario Danneels: "Laurent started seeking attention. He thought, 'my family has been pushing me aside all my life but that's done.' Now it's up to me and me alone."

The series highlights different aspects about Laurent's life. The series is not just limited to Laurent's story, but looks for similarities between Laurent and other members of the Coburg family and dynasty. Such as the rebellious Prince Regent Charles, the unhappy childhood of Albert I and the psychological problems of Empress Charlotte of Mexico (daughter of Leopold I). As such, the series goes beyond mere biography.

The series portrays Prince Laurent with respect, but does not shy away from anything. The series features 24 witnesses: close friends, acquaintances of the king,(former) politicians and journalists. There are both royalist witnesses and republican interviewees.

Jan Van den Berghe: "He has a lot of women on his list of honor but he even more fines for speeding.

'Cel Vermiste Personen 2' airs on Tuesday 18th of April at 20:45h on Eén
and available on VRT Max.
'Laurent: prins op overschot' takes the stage on Wednesday 19th of April at 21:20h on Canvas and available on VRT Max.

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